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What WE Value

Our values guide every decision, interaction, and action. WE invite our partners to ask us how WE are doing. 

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Leadership & Unity

WE believe that providing opportunities for women to lead is essential to public health and social progress, and WE are committed to redefining what it means to lead. WE prioritize collectivism and mutual support. 

Anti-racism & Equity

WE strive to be anti-racist and promote anti-racism in all that WE do within and with clients. WE prioritize diversity across our team and value lived experience as much as professional and educational experience. 

Imagination & Creativity

WE value independence and encourage collaborators to explore their full creative potential in a way that works best for them. WE believe ‘failures’ are necessary steps along the road to progress, and commend experimentation with bold, new approaches.

Integrity & Learning

WE give the best of ourselves, assume the best in others, and communicate directly and honestly, even when it is hard. WE continually review our efforts and lessons learned to identify opportunities for improvement.

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