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WE are not recruiting right now, but still want to hear from you because WE bet you are awesome! 

WE will get in touch as soon as WE can. In the meantime, please follow our Linked-In Page.  

WE love to hear from consultants, small business owners, solopreneurs, and side hustlers, who:

  • Love the independence of working on your own, but would like access to a team of support, colleagues, and potential work partners

  • Are taking deliberate actions to personally and professionally confront racism and social injustice

  • Think a lot about what you could achieve if you had the right team beside you

  • Enjoy sharing your experience with others

  • Are willing to commit time (16 hrs/year) to build our collective

WE specifically seek partners who have experience in our core areas of work and/or share our values. We are particularly interested in hearing from: 

  • Contract managers familiar with federal contracting requirements 

  • Marketing and communications gurus (graphic design, social media, website development, etc)

  • Women of color and allies who are skilled at leading racial equity work and advising on racial equity

  • Project Managers

  • Interns or entry-level professionals who are interested in supporting public health projects

  • Retired or semi-retired women who desire to share their wisdom

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